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Re: procmail postprocess directory in Maildir format howto?

On Friday 09 June 2006 07:24, Jon Dowland wrote:
> At 1149817191 past the epoch, mlaks wrote:
> > How do I run procmail on [a Maildir] to separate out the
> > files to other subdirectories.
> ...
> > the crucial line is formail -s procmail <.newmail &&
> the -s flag to formail splits the input up into seperate
> mail messages and invokes the selected program (here,
> procmail) with each message piped into a separate
> invocation.
> As Maildir already has one file per message, all you need to
> do is invoke procmail once per mail message. Something like
> the following shell:
>   find $YOURMAILDIR/{cur,new} -type f | while read file; do
>     procmail < $file
>   done

thank you  that was very helpful and i got it working with a little work

thank you


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