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Re: Can I update unstable from USB memory stick?

On Sunday 18 June 2006 14:37, Joseph Smidt wrote:
> Is there a way I could download all the daily uploads for Unstable onto a
> memory stick, take that memory stick home and update my computer from my
> memory stick?  I have a very complicated computer situation right now and
> it would be easiest if I could put all the daily uploads onto my stick and
> update my computer from that.
>                                                           Joseph Smidt
Why didn't you use Sarge or Etch? Tsk. Tsk.

How big a USB disc do you have?  Sid's updates can be quite large.  You would 
probably find it easiest to mirror sid, sync it daily, and put CD iso's from 
that mirror onto a usb drive, and update using that.

The other question is: How much bandwidth do you have each day?

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