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sid kde printing and cups setup

Hi Debian team,

I run sid.

I love to deal with issues! 

I do:

apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade

Please do not write me "if you want a stable system run stable".

I want to have fun and thats why I run sid!

Now on to business!


Up to date SID!

1) kde printing system will not talk to cups. Any ideas on that?

2) cupsd.conf file - I lost my old one. The prototype seems different in 
latest cups.

Can some kind soul display a working cupsd.conf that will allow printing to a 
local printer on the local host and allow printing from my lan 192.168.1.* to 
this printer as well.

I am able to get printing working locally but it will  not allow my  other 
networked printers to print.


In my brand new up to date sid!!!! 

1) I see that kde printing is messed up. Meaning that for some reason the 
kde  "control  center" will not talk to the "cups printing system". I google 
and see much discussions elsewhere about this so will wait till this is fixed 
unless someone has a good idea.

2) I have been able to get write a cupsd.conf file that allows cups to print 
from my own pc. I also configured the printer  via web interface (not via kde 
which wont talk to it) with port 631.

Can  someone display a working cupsd.conf that allows local lan printing 
access as well as local  pc access?

Thanks debian team!



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