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Re: dpms keeps turning off

> I just installed etch on a new destop. "xset -q" shows dpms is off. 
> If I enable it with 
> xset +dpms dpms 300 600 900
> it somehow gets turned off some while later. How do I get the 
> setting to stick?

I forgot to mention that I'm using Gnome. I have a sarge installation with Gnome but still using xfree, not xorg. Its screensaver (GUI) config has DPMS settings and works fine. The new etch installation doesn't seem to use the same "xscreensaver".

> Running "xset dpms off" will put the monitor into the off state.

...for awhile, but then it turns back on!

> I have DPMS in my xorg.conf file. I'm currently running the "nv" 
> driver. I haven't had time yet to build my own kernel and switch to 
> the nvidia driver. The video is a Geforce 7300LE.
> Section "Monitor"
> 	Identifier	"SEC:5034"
> 	HorizSync	28-50
> 	VertRefresh	43-75
> 	Option        	"DPMS"
> EndSection
> ...RickM...
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