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Problem loading sata_sil during installation


I am having trouble installing Debian (any version) on a SATA disk drive. 
I have downloaded 6 iso images in total and none of them work, netinst, 
testing and unstable.

The problem is it can't load the sata_sil kernel module, and once it has 
failed it seems to have problems reading from the CD/DVD drive. So I have 
followed the advice of others and used expert mode on testing, bypassed 
the loading of sata_sil and then just before the partitioning step tried 
to load the module by hand. But when I do that it says it can't find it 
in /lib/modules/2.4..... in other words a 2.4 kernel directory. This is 
weird because I am running on a 2.6 kernel as far as I can see and 
understand (expert on testing should be using a 2.6 kernel).

I don't have any way of setting the "compatible SATA mode" in the BIOS so 
that's not an option.

If I decide to install to an IDE drive, what would I have to do afterwards 
to move the installation to a SATA drive?

This is an HP DX2200 P4 Celeron 2.9. The Ubuntu image I have hangs when 
Gnome starts. An old Knoppix disk I had laying around seems to work ok.


Olle Eriksson
mail@olle-eriksson.com | http://www.olle-eriksson.com

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