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Re: intel 945GM video card

VideoRam        16384
to the device section corresponding to the graphics card in your
xorg.conf. that did the trick on my laptop.

I tryed, but in the Xorg.0.log file the section about video mode reported:
maximum space for video modes is 12288 kB.
ooops, it seems that i made one big mistake - i have 845G graphics card... :( did you check what's the amount of memory dedicated to the graphics in bios? and what happens when you select 12288 kB as the amount of videoram? still cannot get the full resolution?

another thing is coming to my mind - did you try the 915resolution package? it should serve for exactly such cases...

Would you share your xorg.conf file?
there is nothing special in it, it is just xorg.conf created by the xserver-xorg installation. with the videoram line added. also, because you have 945G my config will probably not be very useful for you.

but if you really want it, write me directly and i'll send it.



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