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Re: Mixed dual-monitor setup: too weird?

On Sun, 2006-06-11 at 13:23 -0500, Reid Priedhorsky wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I'm contemplating a dual-monitor setup consisting of a 1280x1024 LCD and a
> 1024x768 LCD. There's a couple of sources of oddity here: the difference
> in resolution and the different display technologies.
> Has anyone tried a setup like this? Is it OK, or too weird to use?
> Thanks,
> Reid

Why would that be weird? Of course, you won't have two identical screens
or a symmetric setup, but that works just fine. I am talking about two
separate screens in the config, not xinerama or other stuff. That's how
I use it and how I like it.

Good luck!

Philippe De Ryck

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