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Re: Reading /VAR/LOG Files????

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Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> <snip> Ron Johnson writes:
>> $ dpkg -S `which faillog` login: /usr/bin/faillog
>> Looks like you gotta keep it...
> - -- Ron Johnson, Jr. Jefferson LA  USA
> Hi again Ron. still haven't solved my mplayer issue but will post
>  again as soon as I resolve some of these little issues that have
>  bugged me for months.  However, I'm confused about the dpkg -S 
> `which faillog` which asks for > more input. I have only one

Since you didn't paste in the exact command and it's error message,
we can't *begin* to help you.

> faillog, I think. Can only read a few bites from log which is 1.5
>  MB in size. How do I see the rest of the 1.5 MB faillog file? I 
> even tried dpkg -S `tiger faillog' which spouted out MB's of


> package names and related paths for just about every package I 
> have installed. Since I can't get any output for apt-cache search
>  or wajig show or list how do you know its a required package? So
>  I'll know? I could use some enlightenment!

$ which faillog

$ dpkg -S /usr/bin/faillog
login: /usr/bin/faillog

$ dpkg -S `which faillog`
login: /usr/bin/faillog

- --
Ron Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson LA  USA

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