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Re: Mail Issues (pt 2 )

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David E. Fox wrote:
> On Fri, 12 May 2006 11:30:12 -0700 Andrew Sackville-West 
> <andrew@farwestbilliards.com> wrote:
>> this is what maildir format is. A maildir is a directory with 
>> lots of text files in them. each text file is a single email 
>> with all its info intact.
> My setup (for a long time) (optional fetchmail), postfix - 
> spamassasin, then what gets left in /var/mail gets brought in 
> peroidcally with Sylpheed.
> Most emal sent to me goes right to postfix and then after 
> spamassassin to either a spam folder or to /var/mail.
> Sylpheed keeps alll the messages underneath .Mail, one file per 
> message, text format.

That's the MH format.  Similar in concept to Maildir, simplistic
file naming scheme.  Much better than mbox, of course.

> I used to use KMail, which was originally set to keep all the 
> mails in one huge file. Not as good, and for instance would never
>  shrink the file when messages got deleted - the mail folder
> would just keep gettting bigger and bigger. My first experiences
> with trying to coax Kmail into handlnig messages better (one file
> per message) didn't prove very fruitful then, so I switched over
> to Sylpheed. Currently, I have over 51K files in there. I've had 
> maybe over 70K at one time but have managed to delete a bunch :).
>  On this box Sylpheed can get realy bogged down when loading 
> messages into a folder that already has this many messages in it.
>  Simply deleting a message takes a few seconds. It'll get worse
> as more and more messages get dumped into that folder. Perhaps,
> if some database / index was integrated, this might be a bit more
>  livable.

The standard solution to this is to break that folder into multiple
date-range-based "archive" folders.  That way, no one folder/subdir
will have a huge amount of files in it.

As for searching files, what DE do you use?  Beagle (is there a KDE
equivalent?) might help.

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