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Re: FVWM Question

Raphael Brunner wrote:
Dear Users

I tryed the fvwm-crystal window-manager and it looks very nice and
usefull. But, I want to modify the menue-bar and customise other
programs. But, I don't know where. I changed a lot of things in
/usr/share/fvwm-crystal/Applications/... but, it seems like it don't
hear on things there.

Don't you change things in ~/.fvwm/.fvwm2rc?

I googled a lot, but can't find a howto or something helpfull.
Has anyone a good howto or a good start-doc where is what and how are
common ways to change settings like the menues?

I read also something about perl-scripts, but, I don't know anything
about other windowmanagers like fvwm*

One problem with Fvwm is that there are too many notes and the man page is vast. So I stick with one .fvwm2rc file and make tiny changes and note which changes I made.

First time I heard about fvwm-crystal.

Did you try the forum from the fvwm home page?


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