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Re: Hints on module handling.

Dan Serban wrote:

> Sorry for the confusing post, I was asking for a specific method on how
> to supply options for modules.  So thanks, though I was more talking
> about the confusion I was facing since I used to just load modules in
> /etc/modules and add lines such as bttv tuner=2 etc.

Adding lines to "/etc/modules" would also work, but there are certain

 * Modules are forcibly loaded at boot time;
 * Options are not preserved if you reload the module.

As for "modutils" and "modules.conf", they are not used on 2.6 systems.
You can safely remove "modutils" package, but you should not remove
files or directories. They are still sometimes needed for backwards

> Anyway you hit the nail right on the hammer, thanks =D

You are welcome.

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