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Re: Debian stable & SATA drive

On Mon, 2006-06-05 at 22:41 +0800, Nay Oo wrote:
> Owen Heisler wrote:
> > Why doesn't Debian detect the drive?  More importantly, what can I do to
> > make it detect it?  I have tried all (only two) of the parameters for
> > the sata_via (or via_sata) module.
> >   
> I happened to install Debian Sarge 3.1 into SATA hard disk today. At 
> first, the Debian Sarge 3.1 installer could not detect the partition 
> medium.
> My finding was BIOS Setting > SATA configuration > change <normal> to 
> <combination> mode
> i.e. change SATA to be backward compatible to older stds.
> And that PC is from DELL.
> After I changed this in BIOS settings, then I could successfully install 
> Sarge into that machine.

I am a somewhat disappointed with the trouble I've had with this Abit
motherboard where the BIOS is concerned.  There are no options in the
BIOS that concern SATA, the documentation is worthless, and there are
several options in the BIOS (temperature monitoring) that ignore
changes.  You can hit Enter and key in a value (it says "key in value
between...") and it just ignores the change!  And of course I'm using
the latest BIOS update... annoying.

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