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flat panel not accepting non-native res after dist-upgrade

I recently spent an afternoon on a major dist-upgrade on my daughter's 
computer.  It is running Sid with 2.6.15, latest nvidia driver, xorg from 
Sid.  After the dist-upgrade and installation of newest nvidia, I could not 
get into KDE from kdm - determined from debian-kde that the problem was a 
missing Xsession file, recommended fix was to rename Xsession-xfree86 (or 
similar) to Xsession - after that, most things seem to work.

However: apps that request fullscreen video in non-native resolution (such as 
pp-racer, or Tuxmath with fullscreen, both of which use SDL) get a bizarre 
display, somewhat like a widescreen DVD playing on a fullscreen TV, along 
with a moving box saying "Input Not Supported".  The same happens if I change 
resolution using Ctr-Alt-'+'.  This did not happen before the upgrade.  I 
have tried changing to the vesa or nv drivers with no difference.  I wondered 
if somehow X is now requesting too high a refresh rate, but dpkg-reconfigure 
xserver-xorg no longer gives me the option to select resolutions and refresh 
rates.  My other computer is also running all the latest Sid with a flat 
panel monitor and the nvidia driver, and it does not have this problems. Any 
hints would be appreciated.

David Bruce

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