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Re: upgrade kills windowmaker

On Mon, Jun 05, 2006 at 10:15:35AM EDT, Rodney D. Myers wrote:
> I'm running debian testing.
> 2 days ago, there was a massive upgrade to the xorg system. Everything
> appeared to be installed & configured correctly.
> With the heat in Southern California, we had some power drops. 

Ya mean Arnie hasn't fix that yet.??

> Now when
> I try to start windowmaker, it starts, but quickly exits showing a
> request stating something like;
> Windowmaker has caught a sig 11 error, please try again, exit with
> core, or try another window manager.
> If I choose exit, no core is generated, but WM will not function.
> Any ideas?
I run a heavily customized wmaker with tons of dockapps and I always
keep a backup copy of wmaker's config files - ~/GNUstep/Defaults/*
because I have had a couple of problems with these files being
corrupted.. on one occasion I had to do a hard reset of the laptop..
another may have been due to a power cut.. I seems that under stress
wmaker panics and tries to rewrite these files before exiting.. and
there ya go..

I would create a test userid.. su to root.. useradd.. passwd.. etc.
login as this new user and if your manage to start wmaker this would
confirm your wmaker config is toast.

I don't know enough about debian to recommend what to do next.

If you have a recent backup of your home directory you should:

1. backup the current (corrupt?) ~/GNUstep tree
2. restore the one from the backup
3. start wmaker - see if it fixes your problem

If you don't have a usable backup of your home directory:

1. backup your ~/GNUstep tree
2. copy the test user's ~/GNUstep (and do the necessary chown's)
3. copy whatever is in ~/GNUstep/Library/WindoMaker from the backup
4. start wmaker under your id and customize manually.. 

You could also try and take a look at the files in ~/GNUstep/Defaults
and see if you can figure out what's been corrupted - some of them
might be intact.. I think in my case the WindowMaker file was empty and
the WMState file had been truncated to about half of its original size..

As they say, YMMV..

Also, the paths above are correct in my sarge setup but since you
mention xorg I suspect you may be running a more recent version of
wmaker (0.90?).. so you may have to adjust .. I think they changed
something with the more recent version.

Lastly, you could also wait a couple of hours.. days.. and maybe
someone who knows debian administration will come up with a cleaner




PS. Needless to say - do *not* attempt to edit wmaker's config files
when your are in a wmaker session. At best your changes will be
overwritten when wmaker exits.. At worst..?

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