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Re: How to Install tar.gz package

Robert J. A. Fernandes. <Robert@bdfmedical.org>:
>  So I got the linux video display card driver downloads tar.gz for my
>  intel 915g site for i810 is not suited for this type.
>  Now just I want to know step-by-step instructions on how to install this
>  driver package or installation from the tar.gz file on debian.

as root:

   cd /usr/local/src
   tar tzf /path/to/driver.tgz | less

Look at what that shows.  If the lines look like:


it'll all go into /path/to/somewhere.  If instead it says:


it'll all go into /usr/local/src/path/to/somewhere.

To actually install it:

   tar xzf /path/to/driver.tgz

If it's created with bzip (instead of gzip) compression, use the "j"

   tar xjf ...

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