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cpufreqd init script not shutting down


I noticed recently that my notebook (ThinkPad T60) doesn't shut down
properly anymore but "hangs". I've now traced the problem down. It
looks like it's the cpufreqd's init script which is hanging when
being called with "stop":

io:/home/sbellon# /etc/init.d/cpufreqd stop   
Stopping CPU Frequency daemon: cpufreqd

At this stage, nothing happens and the script still runs. If you press
Return, then the final dot appears in a new line and the script stops:


The cpufreqd however is still running. The "start" and "restart"
options of the script work fine. As the package was last modified on 27
Nov 2005 and worked until recently, I doubt it's the script itself
which is at fault.

Any ideas?

Stefan Bellon

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