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Re: The hot potato of init script actions...

On Sat, Jun 03, 2006 at 11:55:38PM +0100, Jamie Thompson wrote:
> Hi, I'm well aware this is a hot potato of sorts, but has anything
> changed of late regarding the actions mandated in debian init scripts?
> There was mention of some changes being required for LSB compliance a
> while back, but nothing seems to have come of it.
> My particular need/desire is for the simple "status" action, that whilst
> useful in itself, my particular usage is so Samba can manage services
> via the MMC.
> As it stands I've just been adding the actions to the init scripts
> manually, but as with any custom patches they have to be merged in when
> the packages get updated. Not really that much of a chore, but still
> annoying.
> Anyway, do you think it's likely "status" is likely to start appearing
> in Debian packages or am I going to have to continue my manual patching
> for the foreseeable future?
Hi Jamie,
you should ask this on debian-devel or look for a mailing list related
to init script or the source package. Also, maybe debian-mentors list,
who help folks learn about debian package specific issue, may be helpful.
The only thing I skimmed from -devel is that:
they what to make their init scipts more lsb-compliant and are looking to
speed up the boot process by parallelizing with some new init scheme by
adding info in 'comments' that would be read and used to order init
there maybe some stuff in the debian wiki(http://wiki.debian.org) as
they have used it in this release process quite a bit since it became
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