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Re: trying to get the ethernet card working on a Dell Latitude

On Fri, 2 Jun 2006, tom arnall wrote:

I'm trying to get the ethernet card working on a Dell Latitude c600. From
information on the itnernet, the driver for the card is '3c59x'. I am able to
load this with modprobe. But when I do 'ifconfig 3c59x eth0' I get 'eth0:
Host name lookup failure'. My kernel is 2.6.9 installed via Knoppix. Ideas?

You're confusing two steps. To install the driver, you need:

modprobe 3c59x

assuming the driver is available, not compiled into the kernel, and not already installed.

To configure the interface once the driver is installed, you use

ifconfig eth0

but that will only print out the information on the interface; you need to determine the appropriate parameters for your network and use them to set it up. Eventually you should put these in /etc/network/interfaces to avoid having to set it up maually each time.

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