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On 6/1/06, Francesco Pietra <frapietra@alice.it> wrote:
My system consists of two machines, one running debian 32 testing and equipped
with KDE, the other one amd64 debian testing with no GUI (undesired) and only
X-system and window manager twm.  Both operated by single user.

Both are connected ADSL through to a common 4-port router Zyxel Prestige 660H.

I would be grateful for suggestions  as to where to look for directions as to
exchanging files through the router between the two machines from terminal
window commands.

Most common tasks include internet downloading with 32 and passing files to
64, as well as performing calculations at 64 and passing results to 32.

If your request is to move files from the 32 to the 64 back and forth,
from command line, then another alternative is ftp. I find ftp easier
and faster
(than scp and nfs) in certain cases.

For ftp:

32-bit # apt-get install  ftpd

64-bit $ ftp <64 bit ip address>

default install will allow you to ftp from the 64 to the 32 as a regular user
and get (32 --> 64) and put (64 --> 32) files 1 by 1 or multiple at a time
with the mget and mput commands.

If want to add the security of ssh/scp to it, try sftp (but that may
slow down the
transfer speed due to encryption/decryption).



Peter Vandenabeele
peter AT vandenabeele DOT com

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