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Re: checkinstall

Simone Soldateschi wrote:
> Is there a way to inform checkinstall that the package I'm building from
> sources, and going to install, it's a library which can be used to
> resolve dependencies?
> I've compiled sdl 1.2.10 from sources but obviously it's not seen by apt
> like a substitute of lbsdl-1.2.10

You might want to build it yourself from the Debian sources.  All you
need is the libsdl1.2 source package (apt-get source libsdl1.2) and the
new upstream tarball.  You can then use uupdate to integrate the new
tarball into the Debian package.  After that just build the package with
a suitable changelog entry.  You can look at my howto on Debian package
customization for pointers:



Roberto C. Sanchez

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