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Re: source code editor

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Nate Bargmann wrote:
> * Ivan Glushkov <glushkov@mail.desy.de> [2006 Jun 01 03:15 -0500]:
>> Hi all,
>> I would like to know which is the best & lightest editor for source code 
>> editing, which supports syntax highlighting. Currently when I want to 
>> edit fast some C/C++ file I am opening it with pico. I looked around, 
>> but it seems like it does not support syntax highlighting.
> I've long, almost ten years now, prefered FTE as it is relatively
> lightweight and does a good job with its syntax highlighting.
> Unfortunately, its maintainer is AWOL and it has dependency problems
> that prevent it from being installed since Xorg 7.0 hit Sid.  It's a
> shame really.  VIM is simply obtuse compared to FTE and I won't even
> touch Emacs.

Have you tried building it from deb-src?

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