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Re: [backports & security]

* Robert Van Horn <rvh@abcreek.wisequackranch.com> [2006-06-01 08:41]:
> >   * Are you using unofficial repositories (e.g. backports.org) on
> >     production servers ?
> >   * Do you (and can I) trust backports.org ?
> >   * Also, since even backports.org does not seem to have vim 7.0 and
> >     kernel 2.6.16 (yet), what would be the best way/place to get these
> >     from ?  Should I (try to) backport them myself ?
> Hi, I use unstable on 6 production servers with very little problem.
> I compile my own kernels and use mysql out of the box from
> http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/ 
> I'm using gvim 6.4.1 so don't know about 7.0.
> Also I find it nicer to compile apache outside of debian -
> easier for me to keep track of multiple http servers in
> /usr/local/ than wherever debian puts them. If there is a
> mess up on an upgrade it can be a big pain to fix.

I've thought about using unstable (see an earlier thread I started),
and decided to go with stable instead.  But it's nice to know that
unstable can be used with very little problem.

Next time, please reply on-list, and don't top-post.

- Felix

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