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Re: kde unwillingly starting

Francesco Pietra on 29/05/06 14:25, wrote:
Sent again to add: do not pay attention to gdm. It also came from updating/upgrading, because I never used gnome. However, it is not configured and as soon as the need to configure it is presented, it dies and I can enter my my username. startx then starts X11 and kde. From root it is just the same.

Hi Adam
Thank you for the suggestion. However, from the list of files below reported I was unable to trace which process had launched kde. I opened kdeinit, klauncher, dcopserver, kded, kaccess, kicher, kgpg: all binary files.

From xinit
. /etc/X11/session I had already been unable to trace startkde.

Any suggestion from the list below as to where to look ?

Hi Francesco,
your listing of processes shows that the thread which originally spawned kdeinit has died. (Hence the parent thread = 1).

I recommend that you exit to the console and close X completely. Make sure that all processes pertaining to X have died, or kill them off. Stop gdm and disable it at boot-up (e.g. using sysvconfig for instance).
Then when your process list is clean, do startx and have a look at the processes again. If kdeinit's parent thread is 1 again, check that you killed it off entirely.

Hope that helps

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