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Re: Debian Installation ISO DVD Image Files

Robert J. A. Fernandes. wrote:
Hi Mihira,

Can you please check from your side for this link
http://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/3.1_r2/i386/iso-dvd/ for downloading
DVD ISO Files what is the size while downloading this DVD iso files?
It comes to 4+ gigs.

For this reason I am attaching my pc screen shots so you can understand
fully while I was downloading.
my fears are confirmed. you are using IE to download these.
Use a download manager instead. I use Flashget from www.amazesoft.com but you can use any DL manager you like.

I tried again downloading but same file size it shows while downloading.
This is because IE doesnt download the file again. it only shows what it downloaded from before.

Please help
Download the ISO using a download manager.
Then check the MD5Sum (checksum) of the downloaded file against the one given on the site using the tool I suggested in the previous mail.

If they match, then burn the ISO on to a DVD.


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