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Re: sid + translucent Xorg windows

Petteri wrote:
Hugo Vanwoerkom kirjoitti ma 29. toukokuuta 2006 06:21:01:
Petteri wrote:
Hugo Vanwoerkom kirjoitti ma 29. toukokuuta 2006 03:17:52:
Thanks! Forgot to ask: what driver package do you use?
I use the non-free nvidia driver. Installed it with the help of this
page: http://wiki.debian.org/NvidiaGraphicsDrivers and used the
module-assistant method.

But what version?

The latest packaged in Debian (non-free nvidia-glx, see the wikipage for
install details).

Reason I ask is I get the "screen frozen but mouse pointer moves" bug.

I made the changes you indicated to xorg.conf.

Then, because I don't use KDE:

1. Downloaded xcompmgr
2. Compiled that + installed the libraries that were missing
3. Downloaded transset
4. Compiled that
5. In fvwm made invocation of xcompmgr triggered by Alt+F9 and translucent degrees by Shift+lower mousewheel

That works on a MX-440 PCI card with non-free driver 7167 (the latest I can use with the AGP TNT2 card) with no additional CPU usage.

But "soon" you get the bug, just like I got it a year ago. I believe it is because of the driver. But strange that you don't report it.

I had the same bug couple of years a go and swithced then back to
nv-driver. Then I got all exited about the new xorg extensions and
installed back the non-free driver, it has worked without any freeze
ever since.

That's 8762. I cannot use that because my AGP display is on a TNT2. Have to get an GeForce FX5200, has to wait, I am on Mars.

For those that are following this thread: making these changes detailed by Petteri in xorg.conf:
> Section "Extensions"
>         Option        "Composite"     "Enable"
> EndSection
>         Option      "AllowGLXWithComposite"   "On"
>         Option      "RenderAccel"             "True"
has all sorts of sideeffects when using anything less than the 8756 (?) driver:

1. The browser dies on an X error when viewing pages with flashplayer stuff when you have those entries in xorg.conf 2. When you use translucent windows, after a while everything freezes but the mouse. You can kill that X and restart gdm and recover. This:
has thousands of posts detailing the gory details.

But you do not need KDE to use translucent windows with the right card(s) and the right driver:

1. Get xcompmgr from http://freedesktop.org/xapps/release/
2. make sure you have libxcomposite-dev, libxfixes-dev, libxdamage-dev and libxrender-dev installed. (apt-get install ... )
3. Untar the ball, run ./configure, make + make install
4. Get transset from http://forchheimer.se/transset-df/
5. Untar the ball and make + make install
6. Then use xcompmgr + transset thru your favorite windowmanager.
7. Suggestions for fvwm:
To use your mouse wheel for translucency while the mousepointer is on a window: Mouse 4 W S Exec /usr/bin/transset-df --min 0.1 --id=$[w.id] --dec 0.2 Mouse 5 W S Exec /usr/bin/transset-df -p --inc 0.1 --id=$[w.id]
To start and stop xcompmgr:
Key F9          A       M       Exec /usr/local/bin/xcompmgr -c
Key F10         A       M       Exec /usr/bin/do_kxcompmgr xcompmgr

That says: Alt+f9 starts xcompmgr with soft shading of the windows
Alt+F10 will kill it.

And do_kxcompmgr has:

set -x
PID=`ps -C xcompmgr | xargs echo | awk '{ print $5 }'`
kill $PID

That's it. Too bad I don't have a FX5200 here on Mars. Nice thing is you will see no CPU activity at all for that stuff: all happens on the GPU.

Thanks Petteri for staying with this!


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