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Re: sid + translucent Xorg windows

Petteri wrote:
Hugo Vanwoerkom kirjoitti ma 29. toukokuuta 2006 03:17:52:
Thanks! Forgot to ask: what driver package do you use?

I use the non-free nvidia driver. Installed it with the help of this
page: http://wiki.debian.org/NvidiaGraphicsDrivers and used the
module-assistant method.

But what version?
Reason I ask is I get the "screen frozen but mouse pointer moves" bug.

I made the changes you indicated to xorg.conf.

Then, because I don't use KDE:

1. Downloaded xcompmgr
2. Compiled that + installed the libraries that were missing
3. Downloaded transset
4. Compiled that
5. In fvwm made invocation of xcompmgr triggered by Alt+F9 and translucent degrees by Shift+lower mousewheel

That works on a MX-440 PCI card with non-free driver 7167 (the latest I can use with the AGP TNT2 card) with no additional CPU usage.

But "soon" you get the bug, just like I got it a year ago. I believe it is because of the driver. But strange that you don't report it.


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