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udev and IOMEGA ZIP


we have this ancient zip drive by IOMEGA and it is nearly working ;-).
But udev doesn't detect a media inside and doesn't create /dev/hd?4.
It can see the /proc/ide/hd?/media. I have this line in my debian
unstable /etc/udev/udev.rules:

# workaround for devices which do not report media changes
BUS=="ide", KERNEL=="hd[a-z]", SYSFS{removable}=="1", \
    ENV{ID_MODEL}=="IOMEGA_ZIP*",   NAME="%k", OPTIONS+="all_partitions"

All i need to do is :-> type fdisk -l /dev/hd? or plug in an usb stick.
Then udev immediately detects iomega floppy and creates /dev/hd?4.

Any idea how to tell the system to load it itself?
Thanks a lot,
-- Dalibor

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