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Re: hda: lost interrupt

Michał Chruściel wrote:

on Debian I get really a lot of these messages:
hda: lost interrupt

Also my system suspends even for a several minutes.
Does it mean my hdd is going to crash?
If yes, is it hardware problem, or because of misuse of fsck or mkfs?

Did you Google for this already? On a first sight, lots of topics come up, and the solutions range from checking the pins on the harddrive (if it has any), over building a kernel without DMA and playing with hdparm up to replacing the cables or disks. Did you do any of it already?

What system is this, how old is the harddrive, what technology, what kernel are you running?

I personally remember seeing this message a loong time ago on a system, and if I recall it correctly, we replaced the drive at the next opportunity and the messages were gone.

Yup, I goooooooogled for this topic, and saw that nobody was really sure why this is happening or what is a final solution. I run debian stable 2.4.32 made by my provider, because I administrate server remotely. Hardware is new (or so they told us) and it worked well for about two weeks.

Michal Chrusciel

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