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Re: About newsgroups related to debian lists

Rodolfo Medina wrote:

> In my experience, it is possible to read and send messages to debian lists
> in at least three ways: e.g., the present one: 
> via `debian-user' mailing list; through `linux.debian.user' newsgroup;
> through `gmane.linux.debian.user' newsgroup.
> Now, I realised that `gmane.linux.debian.user' preserves the message's
> original headers, whereas `linux.debian.user' changes the Message ID
> into a different value.
> I'd like to know other users' experience about this matter:
> is it normal? Does it maybe depend on the nntp server?
> What can you tell about it?

Paul Johnson wrote:
>> Different mail to news gateways.  The gmane.* heirarchy is generally the
>> best mail to news gateways.

T <mlist4suntong@yahoo.com> writes:

> 2nd to that. 

Sorry, what do you mean with `2nd to that'? (My English is not very good.)
Maybe you mean there's a newsgroup hierarchy that works even better
than gmane.* with news gateways?


> Moreover, Rodolfo, are you sure that you can post to linux.debian.user?

Yes, I can, I subscribed the linux-gate mailing list.

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