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Official and unofficial Debian CDs (was: Do Debian official CDs include sources?)

Rodolfo Medina <rodolfo.medina@gmail.com> writes:

> I have two unofficial DVDs with Sarge 3.1, coming from a magazine,
> only including binary files.
> I want to purchase a set of official DVDs:
>  http://www.debian.org/CD/vendors/
> , but would like to know if they actually include debian sources files.
> Thanks for any reply,
> Rodolfo

In the first of the two above DVDs, come out from a magazine,
there's a file named README.txt that says:

About This CD

   This CD-ROM is labeled

     Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 r0a "Sarge" - Official i386 Binary-1

   which means that this CD is number 1 of 2 CDs containing programs
   ("binaries") for `i386' computers.

and, further on,

Last-Minute Notes

     * You should keep in mind that this is an unofficial CD of the
       current development version of the Debian system. This means that
       all sorts of bugs may be present anywhere in the system.

. Now, I've bought the two binaries and three sources DVDs of Sarge 3.1r2
from a vendor that the above indicated as an official-CD-vendor
by the Debian web site.
Well, the first DVD includes the same README.txt file, in which
it is written exactly the same (only, with `r2' in place of `r0a').
On the other hand, at:


it is said:

Debian creates and provides its entire distribution free of charge. 
Debian does not manufacture its own CDs, but relies on 3rd party vendors. 
To make it easier for CD vendors to provide a high quality disk we provide 
Official CD images for them. This is the only version that has been 
fully tested by our testing team and is by far the most popular way 
to buy Debian.

The type of CD is indicated under each entry.

 `Official CD' indicates that the vendor sells the Official Debian CD 
 set as distributed by us.

. I have a slow connection, so didn't try to download the iso image at:


, but am quite sure that it would include the same README.txt file.
Then I wonder: what is actually meant by `Official Debian CD'?
And why does the README.txt file states it is 
`an unofficial CD of the current development version of 
 the Debian system'?

I'm new with Debian, so please excuse my inexperience.

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