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Re: apt-get question

Eric Wong wrote:
> Hi,
> I am newbie to Debian, and have a question about apt-get.
> Conside the following steps:
> 1) apt-get install apache2
> Now apache2 is installed and working fine
> 2) rm -rf /etc/apache2
> I try to remove all configurations
> 3) dpkg -P apache2
> And then I remove apache2
> 4) apt-get install apache2
> I install apache2 again
> It succeeds and it doesn't shows any error, but I found that
> /etc/apache2 is not there, and apache2 is not working, seems that
> apt-get doesn't know something(/etc/apache2) is missing and it can't
> rebuild the directory.
> so my question is, how to recover from this kind of error? You know,
> sometimes we may remove some directory accidentally. I know that I can
> download the source code and compile it to make it working, but does
> Debian or apt-get provide any way to sovle this kind of error?

The problem is that more than one package has files in that directory.
You want to do a dpkg -S /etc/apache2/* to see which ones they are.
Then you want to remove and reinstall *all& of those packages.


Roberto C. Sanchez

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