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Re: eterm / gnome window position

On Tuesday, 23. Mayta 2006 10:07, Ivan Glushkov wrote:
> Hi all,
> I prefer to have 4 Eterms open on my desktop. The problem is that every
> time I have to rearrange them such, that they precisely fit to my
> screen. I looked at man pages for Eterm, googled a little bit, but I
> could not find to get first Eterm on the upper left corner, second on
> upper right, etc. Any ideas how one can do that?
>     Cheers,
>     Ivan
man Eterm says:
-g geom, --geometry geom
Window geometry as Width x Height+X coord+Y coord, i.e 100x200+0+100

On my 1280x1024 screen the following looks quite ok:
Eterm -g 102x35+0+0 &
Eterm -g 102x35+0+512 & 
Eterm -g 102x35+640+0 & 
Eterm -g 102x35+640+512 &


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