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System won't boot without megaraid2 module, which is not available in 2.6 kernels

Hi everyone,

We have a Dell PowerEdge 2800 server that uses a PERC 4e/Di RAID controller.  In the 2.4.27 kernel, it used the megaraid2.ko but in the Debian 2.6.8-3-686-smp kernel, the name megaraid2.ko is no longer used because of some name changes to the module from 2.4 to 2.6.  However, the system still tries to look for the non-existent megaraid2 module during boot and produces a Kernel panic error as a result.  

We tried to compile a custom kernel using a newer kernel, and under Device Drivers -> SCSI device support -> SCSI low-level drivers -> LSI Logic New Generation RAID Device Drivers (MEGARAID_NEWGEN) -> LSI Logic Management Module (MEGARAID_MM), there is an LSI Logic MegaRAID Driver (MEGARAID_MAILBOX) that can be compiled in as a module and it listed about 40 supported controllers (among them are the Dell PERC controllers, including the one we use).  We thought that the problem was fixed in the newer kernels, so we compiled it and rebooted, but STILL it was looking for the megaraid2 module.  What can I do to work around this problem? 

NOTE: The only megaraid modules that are available now are megaraid.ko (MEGARAID_LEGACY) and megaraid_mbox (MEGARAID_MBOX) which is supposed to support a whole bunch of Dell PERC raid controllers.


Glen Yu,  B.Eng | 416-739-4861 | glen.yu@ec.gc.ca

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