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Re: Can't set bash prompt

Jorge Peixoto <jorgepeixotomorais@yahoo.com.br>:
>  One of the users of this machine has a wrong bash
>  prompt. It works well on a virtual console, but on
>  xterm or gnome-terminal, PS1 is set to \s-\v\$ , which
>  is very unhelpful. But this user's .bashrc is
>  identical to mine (as told by md5sum), and I don't
>  have this problem, so I don't know what to do. It is
>  also identical to /etc/skel/.bashrc.
>  I have tested xterm and gnome-terminal, executed from
>  the "Run application" command dialog, and they have
>  the same problem.
>  Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I googled
>  first. 

Doesn't sound stupid to me.  :-)

  echo $LANG

  echo $PS1

on both accounts.  Are both of these login shells (cf. "xterm -ls
..."), are they both running Bash?

Lots of recent distros set up login config files brokenly.  Are you
sure the config that's defining PS1 is being run?  Is gnome-terminal
told to run as a login shell, thereby invoking login scripts?  That's
not the default in my experience.

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