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Re: Content of Debian 3.1r0a

Tony Sumner wrote:
> Is this a bug? I am certainly concerned about it. I am installing
> Deian 3.1r0a on a desktop with no internet access so I got the 14-CD
> set. The first thing I look for is emacs but it is not there. The
> reference document says that emacs is not really an application but
> part of the infrastructure and is classified 'standard'. All I have is
> a directory /etc/emacs but not emacs itself. apt-cache search emacs
> and apt-cache search emacs21 give me a list of stuff that depends on
> emacs but not the thing itself. This can't be right surely? If I am
> right should I report it or is it now too late to change anyway?

You don't see a name like:

emacs21 - The GNU Emacs editor

This is from testing (etch) but there should be something similar in
stable (3.1).  Did you have to insert all 14 CDs during the install?  If
not, you may have to run apt-cdrom as root to have the contents of all
the CDs available.

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