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Re: Gstreamer-0.10 freezing under Gnome in etch, will not play

On Sat, 2006-05-20 at 14:06 -0700, Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
> Date: Sat, 20 May 2006 14:06:18 -0700
> From: Andrew Sackville-West <andrew@farwestbilliards.com>
> Subject: Re: Gstreamer-0.10 freezing under Gnome in etch, will not
> play
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> On Sat, May 20, 2006 at 02:03:04PM -0400, Chris Mattern wrote:
> > Hello:
> >=20
> > Sorry, for the repost, but nobody at all responded the first
> > time around, and I really could use any lead at all; I
> > don't have too good a grasp on how Gnome configures things
> > and good documentation on it seem very hard to find...
> >=20
> > I've been going through a great deal of frustration becuase
> > gstreamer-0.10 has started to refuse to play under gnome,
> > a source of great frustration to me because it means that
> > rhythmbox stopped working (I'd also like to get .m4a audio
> > files working under gstreamer/rhythmbox, but that's a whole
> > 'nother epic...).  It used to work, but it broke after I
> > brought in a .gconf/%gconf-tree.xml from another system
> > because I wanted the gnome-terminal definitions in it.  There
> > weren't any definitions in the file other than gnome-terminal
> > and this system didn't even have a %gconf-tree.xml until I
> > brought it over...
> >=20
> > So, gstreamer still works from a text console, but in a
> > gnome-terminal I get this:
> so what is different from console to gnome? What processes are running
> that we're before? kill them one by one and see if you can figure it
> out. Might be some kind of esd thing. do you have the
> gstreamer0.10-esd package?
> of course, you could also try going back to your previous
> =2Egconf/... and then pick through your changes one by one til it
> fails. Although you think you didn't change anything related to
> gstreamer in it, you may inadvertently caused a problem. Maybe for
> example, the presence of a gconf-tree.xml changes the behavior of
> some program or service, changes the default settings perhaps.=20

Thanks, the esd package did it; I didn't realize that the esd
coding was in a different package.  Once I loaded the gstreamer
0.10 esd package, I had esdsink, and using gconftool-2 to 
set up 0.10 to use esdsink the same way that 0.8 did made 
everything work.  Thanks again.

Chris Mattern

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