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Re: Gstreamer-0.10 freezing under Gnome in etch, will not play

On Sat, May 20, 2006 at 02:03:04PM -0400, Chris Mattern wrote:
> Hello:
> Sorry, for the repost, but nobody at all responded the first
> time around, and I really could use any lead at all; I
> don't have too good a grasp on how Gnome configures things
> and good documentation on it seem very hard to find...
> I've been going through a great deal of frustration becuase
> gstreamer-0.10 has started to refuse to play under gnome,
> a source of great frustration to me because it means that
> rhythmbox stopped working (I'd also like to get .m4a audio
> files working under gstreamer/rhythmbox, but that's a whole
> 'nother epic...).  It used to work, but it broke after I
> brought in a .gconf/%gconf-tree.xml from another system
> because I wanted the gnome-terminal definitions in it.  There
> weren't any definitions in the file other than gnome-terminal
> and this system didn't even have a %gconf-tree.xml until I
> brought it over...
> So, gstreamer still works from a text console, but in a
> gnome-terminal I get this:

so what is different from console to gnome? What processes are running
that we're before? kill them one by one and see if you can figure it
out. Might be some kind of esd thing. do you have the
gstreamer0.10-esd package?

of course, you could also try going back to your previous
.gconf/... and then pick through your changes one by one til it
fails. Although you think you didn't change anything related to
gstreamer in it, you may inadvertently caused a problem. Maybe for
example, the presence of a gconf-tree.xml changes the behavior of
some program or service, changes the default settings perhaps. 


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