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Re: Script to delete duplicate files

On Fri, May 19, 2006 at 07:10:41PM -0700, Curtis Vaughan wrote:
> Ok, using fdupes -f I have created a file that contains a list of all 
> duplicate files. So, what command can a run against that file to delete 
> all the files listed in it?
> Or since I know that fdupes -f works, could I just do something like:
> fdupes -f ./ | rm *
> or would that rm everything?
> Thanks

OK.  Here's my paranoia.

If there are, say, 8 identical files, does the output of fdupes contain 
8 or 7 files?  If it lists all of them, you'll lose all of them.  If 7, 
it will leave you one.

Also -- better be sure fdupes is not fooled by symbolic links into 
thingking the original is a duplicate.  Or by one file system being 
mounted at multiple locations.

-- hendrik

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