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Re: Vim behaves very strange lately


On Sat, May 20, 2006 at 12:22:18AM +0800, Richard wrote:
> it seems vim doesn't want to behave like vim anymore when opened with
> the command vi ...
> When i open a file to edit, the normal lines at the bottom to show i
> am in edit mode are not shown when i have typt "i" ... this is
> different when i use the command vim: then i see
> "-- INSERT --" as i am used to see. The arrow keys on my keyboard also
> don't work as i am used to in vim when opened with the 'vi command'
> can somebody tell me what is wrong?

IIRC, when you open vim w/ the 'vi' command it runs it in vi
compatibility mode.  You need to do ':set nocompatible' if you want it
to behave like vim.  (Otherwise you could just start vim as opposed to

Good luck,

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