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Re: exim4+spamassassin scan take seconds

On Thu, 2006-05-18 at 23:54 +0200, itom wrote:
> >> hi all, I've trouble with Exim4(4.5) and spamassassin; my client when 
> >> send a mail with mailclient wait some seconds and at last send the mail.
> >> In the exim's log I found very strange 7 second to scan a mail when 
> >> searching in internet all people scan in 0 or 1 second;
> >> thanks in advance
> > 
> > Perhaps you're doing DNS lookups which take a few seconds to time out?
> > 
> thanks for the reply but the dns work well; the problem is of my 
> configuration of spamc

Are you using offsite blacklists? They can take a while to respond. 7
seconds sounds about right.

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