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Re: script / package for ripping cds

Adam Hardy on 18/05/06 17:25, wrote:
Ron Johnson on 18/05/06 13:58, wrote:
On Thu, 2006-05-18 at 12:44 +0100, George Borisov wrote:
Adam Hardy wrote:
I see there are several ripping scripts and apps in the debian package
repository such as crip and cwcdr - can anyone recommend one?
Try abcde, it's great :-)

2nd that.

OK, I'm impressed! Totally.
However, my digital music is all formatted using the year as part of the filename. It seems that there's no mechanism to include this in the OUTPUTFORMAT, at least from reading the man. 2ndly I also want to keep space and not have the file name munged (because I can edit the CDDB output myself to remove slashes, this won't be a problem). But again, it looks like it's not possible, or at least it might be if I could find the 'mungefilename()' shell script - but it's not readily apparent where this is.

Sorry, ignore me - I just worked out how to do it both those things.

Thanks for the excellent tip.


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