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Re: A silent beep

Lex Hider wrote:
On Thursday 18 May 2006 16:50, Howard Eisenberger wrote:
On 2006-05-18, Lex Hider <lexhider@internode.on.net> wrote:
$ lsmod | grep spk
pcspkr                  1924  0

But still no sound for "beep". Like I said, the pc speaker works
in general (e.g. echo -e '\a') but not for the beep application.
Not an answer, but you are not alone. At some point "beep" stopped
working for me too. I never really bothered to look into it. I'm
now running kernel 2.6.12.

Howard E.

Good to know I'm not alone.
There is already an open bug at:

Interestingly, running beep -e /dev/tty0 works.

Also the bug states it happened to 1.2.2.-17. Is that what you have?
I have 1.2.2.-15. I am going to look for 1.2.2.-17 and backport that and see what happens.


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