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Re: network configuring in debian question

> Jila Zakizadeh wrote on 16/05/2006 16:14:
>> We have two routers in different places that have own LANs. We are
>> connected to the machines through the gateways of these routers. Now, I
>> want to move one of these gateway to another place with different
>> provider. I would like to know what are the requirements and How would I
>> reconfigure network setting in order to have connection between machines
>> as before. Actually I went through Debian reference, and I am in doubt
>> to
>> be able to configure properly and if I wont mix up whole system.
>> Your timely response is highly appreciated.
> You are actually asking on the wrong mailinglist. Please direct your
> questions at debian-user@lists.debian.org, debian-project is about the
> further development of the Debian project itself rather than technical
> issues with the use of Debian on your machines.
> However, to address your problem, I don't really understand your
> problem. Are you using Debian on the routers you talked about or on the
> machines connected to the given LAN? If the later is the case, you only
> have to check which providers are supported by the router you intend to
> move.  If your question is about routers running Debian, there would be
> some details needed to actually answer your question:
> How do the two routers involved connect to each other?
> Do they have a common network on the "outside" of their respective LANs?
> If not:
> Do they connect using some VPN technique like OpenVPN or IPSec?
> Do they have a static IP each, or does at least one have a dynamic IP?
> Regards,
> Sven

Thank you Sven for your consideration. All the machines, we have, are
running with Debian GNU/Linux 2.6.x.
The laptop we are going to move,in remote location, has
/etc/network/interface file that looks like the following:

auto lo eth0 ppp0

iface lo inet loopback

iface eth0 inet static
        address 192.168.0.xx
        gateway 192.168.0.xx

iface ppp0 inet ppp
        provider yyy

'network/interfaces' file for our gateway looks like the following:

auto lo eth0 eth1

iface eth0 inet static
        address 192.168.0.xx
        broadcast 192.168.0.xx

iface eth1 inet static
        address 209.87.243.xxx
        gateway 209.87.243.xxx
        broadcast 209.87.243.xxx

iface ppp0 inet ppp
        provider xxx-dialup

We connect to the gateway by "ssh gateway" then to the remote laptop in
order to have access to other remote machines.
Please let me know if this information is enough to get help.

I really appreciate your time and help.


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