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Re: Best way to boot between debian and suse?

dfp10@logical.net wrote:
> Could you advise me on the best setup for me to switch between SuSE and Debian?
> I have two 80gb hard drives and a CDROM r/w and a DVD r/w drive.
> Is it best to put both systems on different partitions of the same hard drive or
> one on each drive?
> Should the drives be primary and secondary or both primary?
> Also, what  are the best placements for the CDROM and DVD drives?
> Is it best to have a DOS partition on one or other of the hard drives?
> Many thanks for advice
> Don Parsons
> dfp10@capital.net

In the end, it doesn't really matter.  As a general recommendation, you
probably want each hard drive on a different controller (assuming you
have ATA).  Other than that, just use grub and it will handle the
details of which OS is where.


Roberto C. Sanchez

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