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Re: script with date operation??

On Sat, May 13, 2006 at 02:59:04PM -0300, Bruno Buys wrote:
> Is there any nice tool to operate dates at the console?
> thanks!

It's perhaps a bit too heavy, but I always use Perl's
DateManip for that:

I had to write a script a while back that computed "one week
before today"; DateManip's way of writing that is quite
literate and quite easy to code:

LASTINTERVAL=`perl -e "use Date::Manip; print UnixDate(DateCalc(\"now\",\"-1 week\"), \"%d/%b/%Y\")"`

In general, I should note that "perl -e" is super-awesome.

The alternative, using just the command-line 'date' tool, is
too cumbersome. Perl's actually the easiest here, I've

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