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Re: sx audio stream only for windows??

Dale Hair wrote:

I listened to it for about an hour.
Runing most recent sid and xine.

Are you kidding me ? I also try Xine, right now I was, and I see the same problem. I only hear the first song, "Mind Trick" from Jamie Cullum and after it nothing more. What can be the difference between your Xine with mine ?? What can be the problem or the solution for my media players ??

Thank you,
     Gustavo Halperin
Do you have w32codecs installed?

I believe it's available from the mplayer site

add to /etc/apt/sources.list

deb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ sid main

Yes I have the w3codecs, more over, I can play any movie/audio that need win32 codecs. But from this address I just hear always the same song and just one time.
Maybe do you have another idea of what can be my problem ?
   Gustavo Halperin

I had some few buffering problems so maybe your network speed is the

Isn't the network speed, I try this radio from many places, also from my work, and all these places have good speed.
 Gustavo Halperin

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