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How do I setup Xdmx with gdm?

Can anyone give me a clue as to how to have gdm use Xdmx?

The only hint that I can find is from

  The X server command line for a XDMCP proxy. Any nested X server like
Xnest, Xephr or
  Xdmx should work fairly well. 

But adding this to /etc/gdm/gdm.conf doesn't seem to do anything:
  ProxyXServer=/usr/bin/X11/Xdmx :1 -display :0 -display tobi-d:0

I can run Xdmx from a terminal, but I get no session.  The best idea
would seem to be to have gdm run Xdmx, and then provide the session.

Tom Schutter (mailto:tom@platte.com)
Platte River Associates, Inc. (http://www.platte.com)

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