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Re: (Slightly OT) TZ settings for outgoing mail?

Matthias Julius wrote:

Marc Shapiro <mshapiro_42@yahoo.com> writes:
Is the mail client responsible for setting the time on outgoing mail?
I am running Sarge, with exim 3.36-16 and Thunderbird 1.0.2.  I used
to live on the east coast (of the US) and am now living on the west
coast (3 TZs later).

Output of tzconfig:
Your current time zone is set to US/Pacific

Output of date:
Wed May 10 08:34:29 PDT 2006

But when I send e-mail, the header gets US/Atlantic time:
Date: Wed, 10 May 2006 10:57:20 -0400

The header above should have the time as: 07:57:20 -0700

The actual UTC time is the same, but it looks like I am sending e-mail
from the east coast, instead of the west coast.

Thunderbird is also displaying the time of incoming mails as if I were
still on the east coast.  This means that e-mail that was just sent
and received is showing a time that appears to be three hours in the

I don't know if this has been happening since we moved, and I just
noticed it, or if something has caused this to revert, somehow.  Can
anyone tell me where this is set so that I can correct this?

Take a look at http://kb.mozillazine.org/Time_and_time_zone_settings
This says that the TZ can be checked from the javascript console, but that it must be changed through the OS. The problem with this is that the OS says that the box is set to PDT:

    Wed May 10 12:59:06 PDT 2006

and the javascript console from Firefox and Thunderbird both say that they are using EDT:

    Wed May 10 2006 15:58:52 GMT-0400 (EDT)

Obviously, somewhere, something is confused. Is there some place other than /etc/timezone that the Mozilla products could be picking up their information?

Anything funny in your user.js? (if you have one)
Nothing in it about the date, or time, that I could find.

Which desktop environment are you using?  There the time is displayed
correctly, I suppose?
fvwm.  The time is displaying fine from there.

Any other software showing this behavior?
Not that I have noticed.

Marc Shapiro

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