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torrentflux: apache2 mod_php4 problem

I have installed torrentflux, and it has set up apache2 to show its
pages in /torrentflux on the webserver.
Apache forwards requests fine, but does not use php for .php pages...
mod_php4 works fine for php files I put in /var/www/ so php seems to work.

Is there anything else i need to add to the config for torrentflux to
make php work in directories? it currently added
    Alias /torrentflux /usr/share/torrentflux/www/

    <Directory /usr/share/torrentflux/www>
    Options FollowSymLinks
    AllowOverride All

I can't find anything on google regarding php not working on aliased
directories, and I thought it was an apache wide config option (yet it
doesn't work for this aliased directory)


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