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Creating packages with changed configuration + using SCM for configs


I am new to the list (at least as poster), therefore my first words:
thanx to all people who continiously read and help others on the list.
I hope that I can join soon, too. I am setting up the needed
infrastructure right now...

Now to my problem:

I have installed debian on several PCs and a KuroBox (
http://www.kurobox.com/ , neat and siltne little gear ...). The more
PCs I use, the more difficult it gets to maintain them. So I would like
to create "configured deb packages", packages with local changes
made(examples: domainnames, bash profiles, screenrc). What I absolutely
do not want, is to build new packages everytime a new version gets
released. Is there a way to build meta-packages for configuration
files, that depend on the real packages? (for example a
screen-configured package which (pre-?)depends on screen).

The second problem is I would like to track the changes made to the
configuration files in a svn repository, any packages which micht be
helpful for that task?

OK, I hope i made it clear what I mean and want, if not blame me!


W. la Tendresse

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